Saturday, March 5, 2011

Waterfowl Way Flooding Issues

Ron Gliebe, Our Resident Landscape Custodian, comments on our Waterfowl Way flooding issues . .

"The residents of Waterfowl Way ran into the perfect storm over the weekend.
Here are the ingredients -- Leaves left on the ground from last fall -- heavy snow fall -- accumulated Ice and finally a torrential rain storm. End result street and basement flooding. The township has worked closely with us in cleaning up the mess- but the problems remain.
The request we have of the residents throughout the community is this -- if you have catch basins or water drains anywhere on your property, it would be advantageous to clean them of all leaves and debre. We also ask that if you have a storm sewer in or near your home that you take a few minutes to clean out any leaves that may be restricting the drainage of water off the street. It would benefit both the homeowners and the community. "

Members of the Board are setting up meetings with officials from the Township to discuss a permanent resolution to the problem. In the meantime, check the drains.

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