Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hunt Club coyote gets promoted to "fox"!

Richard Cianfaglione of Hunting Lake Drive has confirmed that coyote sitings have been premature. His picture proves it's a fox.
Richard took it one step further and contacted Dan Kramer, Wildlife Management Supervisor for Wildlife District 3 (ie. an expert). Dan responded with . . .
"The photos you provided clearly shows a red fox suffering from mange. Mange is caused by a skin mite that can be transmissible to dogs. However dogs typically are healthy and clean enough to seldom become infected. The fox itself poses no danger to anyone and may acually appear tame because of its weakened condition and need to find food. . . avoid the tempation to provide food."
Richard is now planning to get a picture of the Lochness Monster. Thanks for the photo.

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